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Now Weather for Chronus/CLock

Developer: 221 Pixels
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Handcrafted after the new Weather Iconset for Google Now, this icons are made specifically for Chronus, created to match Material Design and tweaked to be visually delightful this IconSet will give you the most consistent and beautiful weather icons for Chronus.----------------------------------------------------------
This IconSet needs the Cronus: Home & Lock Widget app in order to work
Please keep in mind that Chronus needs more icons than the ones shown on Google Now, so some of the icons are not on Google Now, I made them using the same consistent style. Also, if you pay attention, color on the icons on Google Now varies depending on the background and/or screen to adapt to the accent colors, so not every icon here has the same color as the ones you can find in one or other Google Now screen. Other changes are made based in my taste/experience on Material Design Icons.
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